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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Best Offline map

Whenever going to a pace with low network people usually search on Google about Best Offline Map  Offline Map , Download Offline Map , Offline Map , Free Maps etc. Before going to Laddakh I was very nervous that how I’ll be using map there .Before going to Laddakh we have to pass by many places where there will be no sign of humanity for Kilometers  and if we got lost there will be no one  to tell us the route . Usually there is no need of map nearby Leh and other well travelling places  but places like Chushul where is no proper roads , just there are so many marks of tires of the cars which are going to different directions . And if you don’t get network there which is 99% sure then if you have an offline Map App which tells you the exact route with voice navigation how will be your  experience  ? ?.

Just like this I installed  a best Offline app I explored many apps but the Best Offline Map I am telling here your sake . Best Offline map with voice navigation is the speciallity of this app .
The name of this app is OsmAnd , And it can be downloaded  from Google Play Store . Some things that I knew by experience  so you don’t get hassle . It is free app to download but the limit of downloading maps is 7 .I have downloaded the maps of Uttrakhand ,  Himachal  Pradesh and  Jammu and Kashmir cause they are important and usual .

Now here what you can do in it

You are able to do trip recording in it ,but you must have a charging backup before using it cause it is using GPS of  your mobile continuously whether SIM is there or not . And GPS is consuming battery a lot and for trip recording you have to use it .
The Trip recording will be saved as GPS  tracks , you can keep it safe or post it on Internet for anyone ‘s help the advantage with this will be that if anyone downloads your video from the app he will not need to ask the route from anyone .Some of these recordings are present on Internet  the people who travel with car usually do this cause they don’t have problem of battery draining .
Through this app you can see the height of any place , but it can happen to be either 10 m less or more . And to see this you need to go from menu  configure map option and then inside select walking .

One thing I got later that how does it search our location without SIM . First and foremost the important work is to  search the famous places they will be available in offline map too but some places which are not much poplar are not saved in it for them you need to go on the internet and search them . Just like Pangong is a famous place but if you want its voice navigation without internet then before going out of home select its route . you need to select the place you have to go . Like if you have to go Chushul from Pangong then save the route between then somewhere on the internet . Then whether you will have internet or not you will get voice navigation I prefer you to select the villages nearby too.  There is no surety of getting of getting a proper network there .
Navigation is jut same as Google map the starting location it is your own location and the ending one you need to fill . At starting I had enough troble while understanding it but now I would prefer it to be the exact one . From then till now I have done many trips but I felt it successful every time . I have give all information I had with this app . If you have any problem please contact me .
This app have lot of things to do you too can explore it further .
Travel Ufo
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