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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Packing list For Trekking

(Packing list For Trekking) Before going for trekking usually there are various thoughts in our mind that what to take and what not . Today I would be trying to solve your doubts . Before packing there are some essential things and there are many options means some things are important and for  some there is choice . For this only there is a difference between a tourist and a stroller and here it a difference between travelling on a package and travelling  ourselves . I had never traveled on a package and here I give my own personal experience . Else is your choice and wish . I will be writing as per my need but some of them will not be needed by some people , select as per your need . While some are essential for 3 others are for 7 days Packing list For Trekking . You can calculate and separate them .

Backpack (Packing list For Trekking)
A good backpack can solve many of your problems at your trek . Small backpack found at market  are enough  for a trek of about one or two days but for long , bad or extremely cold pace you will need a nice and a little big backpack . I had done many treks by taking the small backpack and when I bought a bid one I found a basic difference between them that the big backpack have many pockets which can be used to keep different things . Some times its rain cover is joint at its bottom , and sometimes cloth from which it is made of is waterproof and your luggage will be safe . Thirdly for some things your backpack have a very good option like a solo traveler can keep his tent , and his sleeping bag inside and he can tie the mat over it . It is thing to be invested even if you go to about  two treks per year you must have it  . one thing this with small backpack is after 5-6 hours their strips are causing problem they even hurt while the strips of a trekking backpack or of big backpack are soft . They are coming in size 3 or more in them the medium one means 40 to 60 liters is used for trekking long treks need a big backpack . But on long treks sleeping bag, tent and backpack can be found on rent .

Camera bag (Packing list For Trekking)
While almost every company gives a camera bag with its camera but there it need of buying one another cause the one given by company can only keep their camera but the other one not only keep the camera ,it charger , extra battery , extra memory card , memory card reader etc . all at a place I am also keeping a part of money and my ID there in case my purse lost . Where ever you get electricity you can charge it , and the camera which can be charged by power bank can be kept inside and charged . I bought mine from Delhi  for Rs . 250 and it gives me a lot vantage I take on my every trek .
Now about clothes and others  : (Packing list For Trekking)
Never every take denim (Jeans ) for a trek cause it don’t matter how much it is comfortable at home it causes problem while climbing . And it  gets in contact with water or gets wet then it becomes a big problem .Instead of it you can take trek paints they are even lighter than Denim and have extra pockets like cargo .

The temperature of the place you want to go decides whether there is need to take jacket or not . Except mountaineer the layers of clothes the cloths are preferred instead of heavy jackets . When taking thermal clothes take a light jacket on normal treks .

The most important thing while going on a trek is shoes .  If it is not taken in care then there can be a big problem . Shoes which have grip at its soles are the best , and if they are used and their sole  is eroded  then they must be changed . In your own budget you can buy shoes from company Quechua Forclaz  100 to 500. Trek shoes must be high ankle , they keeps foot safe and they immediately don’t  get wet .

Warm cloths
As told before too layers of thermal clothes and are the best for cold temperature at mountains .  For sleeping too you can wear them .

They are to be according to the number days of your plan .
They must be about 3-4 pairs .
Cold cream , Sunscreen lotion , Lip balm , Sun glasses , Hat , Gloves , Monkey cap , etc .
Wind cheater
Leave windcheaters aside cause they are made of cloth and are heavy .
Sleeping bag
Normal sleeping bag is used for normal treks and for cold and places with altitude liner sleeping bag .
Toilet paper , paper soap , small and light towel , brush ,comb, mirror , bath soap.

Plastic bag
When going on trekking during summer or on rainy season there must be some plastic bags with you and there should be plastic bags of all sizes cause during  snow and rain they are very important . At low temperature places  the batteries of the electronics drain quickly  so you can pack them in plastic bags .
Important documents  (Packing list For Trekking)

Driving license ( if you are taking vehicle )  ,  Aadhaar card , Voter card ID  maximum 5 photocopies .
Food stock
Soup packets , milk powder , biscuits , chocolates ,rice , sugar , soyabean  , water bottle . these are the things you can take from home , small size packets of soups and milk powder , there are not good quality of biscuits and namkeens  present there , others you can take from village base .
Camera , charger for mobile and camera , extra battery an memory card , earphones , card reader etc .
Some things you can take if you want :  Books for reading  , Binoculars  ,guide map , water flter .
For acidity ( if you have the  problem ) , fever ,body pain , stomach pain , bandage , any body spray , your regular medicines , cotton etc please check whether these medicines suit you .
 Now here is a overall list :
Cloths  -T shirts - 2 ,Pants -2 , Thermal wear 1 set , Socks - 3 pairs , Towel , Shorts , lower , Jaket , scarf , Muffler , monkey cap ,etc.
For Rain  - Windcheater, Poly bag , Poncho , Bag rain cover , Umbrella folding ,etc.
Electronic  -  Mobile , charger for mobile , Power bank , camera , camera charger , extra memory card , memory card reader , earphone, etc .
Papers  - D.L , Aaadhar card , voter id card , Photocopy of id cards , ( Keep in a file ) ,some passport photos , etc .
Toiletries  - Soap , Paper soap , Towel , Paste , Brush , small mirror , shampoo , Hair oil , Toilet paper , etc .
Trekking Gear  - Sleeping bag , tent , mattress , torch , Slippers ( for hotel and emergency ).
Medicines  - Paracetamol , cold tablets , Antiseptic cream , Fast card for Mosquito , Zintec or aciloc (for gas ) , Electrol powder ,  Baralgon  , Band-aid water proof  , Voliny spray ,cotton ,  Eno,  Diamox (for high attitude climb ) .
Others - Pen , Small diary , Hankies , Lighter , Torch , Small knife , Trekking stick , Day small hiking bag , etc .
And the important - Debit card , Cash ( proper big and small amount ) , Some cheques  , Money in Prepaid wallets , etc.
Food Items for trek - Snacks , Biscuits , Namkeen , Chocolate , Milk powder , Soup packets , etc .
Travel Ufo
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